Are Your Guests Unable To Attend An Event?

Expand Your Presence...

Livestream Your Events!

Never let your family or friends miss an important moment in your life again with Cherash Event Streaming.

Enquire about one of our packages listed on our website, and one of our sales consultants will get in touch with you to explain more about our process.

Unfortunately, as every event is different, we cannot set a fix price on a package.  Simply enquire about a package and one of our sales consultants will send you a quotation.

Definitely!  Once they are invited to the live stream anyone invited will be able to join the live stream

Our live streaming service is secure, no uninvited guests will be able to join your stream 

We use various platforms for our livestreams, depending on your needs we will suggest multiple platforms for your choosing.

Livestream Any Occasion

We Livestream any occasion - Making it easier for your family and friends to attend an event when life throws obstacles in your way.

Different Packages

We have different packages that will suit your budget. Click on this box to browse and then choose the perfect one for your event.

we create live streaming solutions for different occasions

Special Family Events


Social Events

connecting without boundaries

We offer live event streaming of small to medium sized events with modern day streaming equipment and platforms allowing us to provide access to family, friends, colleagues or acquaintances to experience and participate in any event from wherever they are.


We understand that every moment is important and we want to help you share those special moments with the people you love, no more boundaries, you can experience every moment no matter where you are.

  • Hire A Technician
  • Rent Our Equipment

You will have the choice to hire a qualified technician to do the full set up and live streaming of the event.
We understand that every clients’ event is different so we provide tailor made solutions for every clients specific needs

You will have the choice to rent our audio and visual equipment to stream your event, for registered and approved clients only

Choose A Livestream package

Choose one of our 4 live stream packages best suited for your needs by clicking on one of the picture below

Package 1

Equipment Rental For 24hrs
• 1 or 2 Fixed camera/s
• 1 or 2 mic/s
• We provide a training/self-help link with every rental

Package 2

Professionals To Stream Your Event For You
• 1 Specialised technician
• 1 or 2 Fixed camera
• 1 or 2 Mics

Package 3

• 1 -2 PTZ cameras
• 1 fixed camera
• 2 – 4 Mics
• 1 Specialised technician

Package 4

• 3+ PTZ cameras
• 2 fixed camera
• 6 + Mics
• 1 Specialised technician

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