PTZ Cameras (controlled remotely)

DJI Osmo Camera + Gimbal

Roland Video Mixer for smooth transition between cameras


Behringer 1012 Mixer

Lapel Microphones 

Various Microphones

Unfortunately, as every event is different, we cannot set a fix price on a package.  Simply enquire about a package and one of our sales consultants will send you a quotation

We provide our own internet connection if needed, we test different service providers and use the best one but can’t promise a steady connection as this is out of our control but we do our best to ensure you have a good quality stream 

HD 1080p, again the internet connection plays a part in the quality of the streaming which is viewed by those connected, but the recorded video you receive will be in HD 1080p

We use various platforms for our livestreams, depending on your needs we will suggest multiple platforms for your choosing.

The stream can be private or public. Your privacy is important to us, Our live streaming service is secure, no uninvited guests will be able to join your stream 

Yes you receive a HD 1080p edited video of the ceremony 

Our cameras features a wide 90° field of view, can pan(rotate horizontally) 260 degrees and has 10x lossless full HD zoom. Each camera placed so we capture every angle 

We only use one technician to stream the event, with one assistant to set up and pack up equipment

When using the PTZ cameras our team is positioned out of sight as our cameras are remotely controlled

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Please Take Note Our Last Day of Trading will be the 31st of October 2022.