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3rd Dec 2020 0 By userwa

We understand the importance of missing out on special moments, having lived in Australia for six years away from our family and friends. We could not share in many precious moments, which is where our venture began, creating simple live streams to be part of those moments.

We were situated in the outback where our church was exclusively in the major cities.

We developed our skills by setting up a live stream for church events and gatherings for those members in isolated areas. We created a basic system that is simple and cost effective using modern equipment and platforms that enabled simple transmission of these events. Due to the need for low cost transmission of events we developed solutions which enabled the video and audio components of a live streamed event to be operated by one person.

The live streaming of these church events in Australia and New Zealand has been done since 2014 and has connected people across the globe.

We have grown our business to now offer a variety of packages for any small to medium event

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